A Liebherr wine fridge is something you need to think about. Many people buy from the cheapest supplier, but that is not always the wisest. A wine cooler in addition to cooling, heatingair filter can also bring the humidity up. At Liebherr is different between single or multiple temperature zones in a wine closet. All wine cabinets have a specific function. This is not to say that there is always closed compartments are necessary. Liebherr has multi and single temperature wine cabinets. In Europe they have more models than in the USA and Canad. When you are going to shop around then you need to look beyond the price, but above all to the available experience of the people you the ‘ wine cooler ‘ advise and then sell. The best wine Cabinet specialists have also sense of wine and working at Cavepromotor US. After you install the wine cooler has bought, you can also have the service desk where wine specialists answer your questions. Questions that involve have on storing and serving wine. Also when it comes to adjusting the humidity in your wine cooler. You should not neglect this, because this has a direct effect on the Cork in your wine bottles. When the humidity is too low, does this happen allowing air and bacteria can invade your favorite wine. You get when you buy a wine Cabinet via Cavepromotor US a digital hygrometer included instruction and what to look for. And do you know any? An email to the service desk by Cavepromotor. Vibration are detrimental to your wine and therefore makes Liebherr for a vibration-free compressor and low-noise mounting materials. Since you as a human being in the environment of your wine Cabinet, also causes you vibration. These can be reduced by Vibration Reduction Blocks. This will get you came with a free-standing wine Cabinet via Cavepromotor. Installing a wine Cabinet you can do yourself, but possibly also outsource to the specialists of Cavepromotor. The difficulty arises when the wine Cabinet on the Vibration Reduction Blocks. When you left and right has sufficient free, it’s easy. The problems arise when the wine Cabinet somewhere between. This comes in addition to another cool device, then it is important that at least three centimeters in between to prevent condensation and mould growth indirectly. Will you install it yourself, than you can when you fail questions to the wine Cabinet specialists of Cavepromotor.

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